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Shipping Policy ships products all over the country. We ship our doors from our manufacturer directly to your home or preferred location.

Doors are packaged in heavy duty wooden crates to help insure their safe arrival. We go to great lengths to make sure that the packaging is designed specifically for the amount of product they are to contain. In short, every crate is a custom build in itself! When placing your order, be aware that the cost of shipping multiple doors is a lot more economical than shipping just one.

Damage to the shipment is very rare, but from time to time unfortunate things do happen. When you receive your shipment inspect it THOROUGHLY with the driver before signing your receipt. You are the only one who can verify that your shipment has arrived successfully! A few extra minutes at this point of the project will save great headaches later. If there are any problems, call us immediatly.

We use only the top rated carriers in the country with fantastic track records of delivery. Together with our method of containment and their attention to quality handling of the shipment, we have had tremendous success with delivery records. Because we use them so often, we are able to get the best possible shipping rates available. And of course, this savings is passed directly to you! There are some companies that gain profits from the shipping charges! We don’t mark up the cost of delivery, and never will. We are in the door business, not the freight business. You will see what it costs us to build the crate, and you will see what it costs us to deliver your product. It’s just that simple.

In instances where your purchase requires freight fees, freight charges will be pre-paid through your invoice and listed as such.

Delivery Options

1. On-site delivery: Our carrier will call in advance of delivery to inform you of an approximate time of arrival. They will ask for any special directions to your location and verify that someone will be there to accept shipment.

2. Customer picks up the shipment at the carriers local distribution center. The big advantage here is that there is no waiting for a delivery truck. You can accept the shipment at your convenience. The disadvantage is that you will need a sizable trailer or truck and additional help loading the crate into your vehicle or trailer, and off again when you arrive home.



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