The Process

  • Step 1

    Here at we are sensitive to the task of selecting entryways for your new home or upgrading the doors of your existing home. In most cases, you would first sit down with a designer of some type to discuss the style and appearance of your home and how it best suits your personality.
  • Step 2

    If you are planning a new home, you have probably secured an architect or professional builder. If the project in your existing home is large enough, you may still wish to secure the advice and planning abilities of a professional contractor.
  • Step 3

    As soon as you have decided which style direction to go, and what quantity your project will require, NOW IS THE TIME to place your order! This will insure that your selection of products will have plenty of time to arrive. Our staff immediately begins the task of processing your order for prompt delivery.
  • Step 4

    From our vast inventory resources, we jump into action.
  • Step 5

    Any glass that is required for your doors is expertly cut and glazed by hand.
  • Step 6

    Then if pre-hanging is required, we fit your door in its jamb with utmost precision.
  • Step 7

    A single door or a whole house full, attention to your project is our utmost concern! Doors are packaged in heavy duty wooden crates to help insure their safe arrival. We go to great lengths to make sure that the packaging is designed specifically for the amount of product they are to contain. We always try to reduce shipping costs by efficiently packaging your order.
  • Step 8

    In short, every crate is a custom build in itself.
  • Step 9

    We use only the top rated carriers in the country with fantastic track records of on-time, damage-free delivery.
  • Step 10

    You can comfortably devote time to all those other details. Now that you know your doors are in good hands... As the construction on your new home progresses, your building superintendant insures that all work is done in accordance to local code, and most of all to your specifications..
  • Step 11

    It is an exciting experience to see the efforts of all your planning come to life.

Order Form

  • We would love to hear about it, and we are really excited that you would allow us the pleasure of being a small part of it! We are always ready to answer all of your questions, and share whatever knowlege we have to insure that you have a successful project. But most of all, it is very important to us that you know our stand on the privacy of our customer information, it's real simple. We flatly refuse to share it with anyone... for any price!

    Premium Doors Direct is an Internet company, and as such, the system of communication that works very well for us is to get some preliminary project information from you through the use of this form. We then get back in touch with you promptly by the method you prefer with answers to questions that are relevant and important to you now. You put a lot of thought into the questions you have, we strive to at least be prepared with the answers to those questions. This way, there isn't a lot of wasted time and phone cost by you in the process of communicating with us. And ultimately, we have a great conversation!

  • Payment Methods...

    We gladly accept your major credit cards, personal or business checks, money orders, or certified cashiers checks. We ONLY accept your credit card numbers over the phone for security reasons. It also lets you know that you are actually giving it out to whom you expect, and we can verify that the person to whom we are speaking with is in fact the actual owner of the card. In regards to payment by check, a few days must be allowed for bank clearance of the check. We appreciate your patience in these matters.

  • Knowledge

    Our staff members are knowledgeable in all areas of door craftsmanship, design; and are eager to provide you with all the expert information and guidance needed to achieve your project goals. You have real questions; we have real answers that don’t beat around the bush with over-technical responses. We feel that if you already knew the answer, you wouldn't’t be asking! So whatever your technical knowledge is, tell us about your project!

  • If you prefer, you may order by phone at XXXX-XXX-XXXX.

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Shipping Policy ships products all over the country. We ship our doors from our manufacturer directly to your home or preferred location.

Doors are packaged in heavy duty wooden crates to help insure their safe arrival. We go to great lengths to make sure that the packaging is designed specifically for the amount of product they are to contain. In short, every crate is a custom build in itself! When placing your order, be aware that the cost of shipping multiple doors is a lot more economical than shipping just one.

Damage to the shipment is very rare, but from time to time unfortunate things do happen. When you receive your shipment inspect it THOROUGHLY with the driver before signing your receipt. You are the only one who can verify that your shipment has arrived successfully! A few extra minutes at this point of the project will save great headaches later. If there are any problems, call us immediatly.

We use only the top rated carriers in the country with fantastic track records of delivery. Together with our method of containment and their attention to quality handling of the shipment, we have had tremendous success with delivery records. Because we use them so often, we are able to get the best possible shipping rates available. And of course, this savings is passed directly to you! There are some companies that gain profits from the shipping charges! We don’t mark up the cost of delivery, and never will. We are in the door business, not the freight business. You will see what it costs us to build the crate, and you will see what it costs us to deliver your product. It’s just that simple.

In instances where your purchase requires freight fees, freight charges will be pre-paid through your invoice and listed as such.


Delivery Options

  • Option 1

    On-site delivery: Our carrier will call in advance of delivery to inform you of an approximate time of arrival. They will ask for any special directions to your location and verify that someone will be there to accept shipment.
  • Option 2

    Customer picks up the shipment at the carriers local distribution center. The big advantage here is that there is no waiting for a delivery truck. You can accept the shipment at your convenience. The disadvantage is that you will need a sizable trailer or truck and additional help loading the crate into your vehicle or trailer, and off again when you arrive home.


Damages - Claims - Returns

  • We are not liable for damage or loss of merchandise once it has been placed on board the truck and the driver signs for it. The merchandise literally becomes the property and responsibility of the carrier
  • When the shipment arrives, carefully inspect it for any signs of damage. If you suspect anything may be wrong, write your observations on the shippers receipt along with “subject to further inspection”. You may find some carriers will not accept this. If you suspect damage, you have no choice but to open the package right then and list the actual damage on the receipt. File a claim immediately with the carrier and notify us. We will help any way we can
  • If a shipment is late or you want an E.T.A., call us and we will put a trace on it for you
  • If wrong or defective merchandise is received through an error on our part, we will accept shipping costs both ways. However, you must contact us first to get a return authorization. Sorry, but we cannot accept returns for any reason if you do not let us know within 30 days of your invoice date